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The new publisher for enchanting books!

We publish children’s, young adult and historical fiction books in English, German, Italian and Spanish. We are a very small, brand-new UK based publisher, who is currently only able to represent a few selected authors and illustrators. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any submissions at the moment, but we are in the process of expanding, so stay tuned.

Our Team

Some of our creative minds in pictures
Loreley Amiti

Loreley Amiti

Author, Founder & Translator (German, English)
Jenny Kane

JeJennifer Ash

Author & Proofreader

Simone Stangini

Karen King

Karen King


Lucy V. Hay

Author & Editor'
Alison Knight

Claudia Angelini

Translator (Italian)
Jono Gilbert

Jono Gilbert

Photographer & Video Maker (Promo)
Alice May

Alison Knight

Richard Lappas

Richard Lappas


Marnye Young

Audio Narrator

Dave Kingdon

Editor & Proofreader


We have translators and proofreaders for the German, Italian and Spanish market. We found that depending on book genre and the author’s background it can work to the author’s advantage to target a bigger market. 

More Info about our Translators

Founder of Littwitz Press is bestselling author Loreley Amiti.

Having worked in marketing and for the press before, the journalist was seeking a compromise between signing a contract with a big publisher and having the benefits of selfpublishing. She put a professional team together and united them under the name Littwitz Press, which was initially only planned to publish her own books. When she reached the top bookseller charts in 3 countries in only her first year, other authors approached her and Littwitz Press suddenly expanded. So far, it has never even been open for submissions but we are still fully booked with exciting books from enchanting to mind-blowing.

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